What is dettapay

Dettapay Is A Hybrid Marketplace / A “Store of Value”.

At Dettapay, we are creating a hybrid marketplace; a new type of centralized marketplace that uses blockchain technology to streamline core functionalities and “store of value”; an asset that will be utilised for payments by both blockchain/crypto and traditional sectors. Our native token is called DETTA. DETTA is a utility token for making payments on our marketplace, and with our partners.

With the likes of PayPal and Venmo planning to roll out cryptocurrency, buying and selling to its more than 325 million users, the future of cryptocurrency could not be any brighter.


DETTAPAY Best Features

We have categorized the type of partnerships we are after into two (2).


Technical: We value privacy at Dettapay and our goal is to not have access to partners, clients’ financial and private information. We will partner with Cybersecurity and Identity protection companies to keep our clients’ fund and identity safe. This way, people would have absolute confidence in Dettapay and would never have to worry about having their funds and identity stolen while using our platform.

We will also be partnering with a reputable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company in order to afford DETTA holders the opportunity to stake their tokens for rewards. More details will be unveiled soon!

We are willing to consider any request for collaboration or partnership from any company that can add value to us.


Commercial: DETTA will be the main currency on Dettapay marketplace. Dettapay may accept other forms of payment on its marketplace as long as they add value to its services. For example, popular FIAT, such as Dollar, Euro and Pounds, will be accepted on our platform but people will be incentivized for using DETTA as a payment. Below are few of the ways we are making sure DETTA remains the main currency on our platform:

Customers will ALWAYS pay certain percentage less for goods and /or services IF they make payments with DETTA.

Sellers will pay certain percentage of fees in DETTA.

We are currently exploring technical solutions where FIAT will first be converted to DETTA when a customer is paying with Debit or Credit Card but does not want their bank statements reflect using our platform.

Note: Prices of goods and /or services will be pegged to FIAT Currency.


Benefits of DETTA Token

DETTA is a store of value and has a real-world use.  DETTA will be the main currency on Dettapay owned marketplace.

DETTA token will make it possible for anyone, anywhere around the globe to have easy access to goods and /or services on our marketplace, and with our partners.

DETTA will give control of data back to the people. It will make it possible to buy that special gift for your loved ones without anyone seeing a trace of it in your bank statements.

DETTA will solve so many issues currently being experienced by citizens of certain countries when trying to access international markets. For instance, just recently, an African country pegged the international spending limit on citizens’ debit card to $100 per month. What can $100 shop for or buy? With DETTA, there is absolutely No Limits, No Restrictions. You can shop on DETTA Store or with our partners using DETTA Token hassle free.

Dettapay will be partnering with top-notch companies. This will help enhance DETTA’s full potential. You will be able to use DETTA same way you would use FIAT, with our partners.

The more customers that use our marketplace and the more partners in our portfolio, the more valuable DETTA becomes. DETTA is truly a “Store of Value” and will be sought after by people that know its value. With all these, we envisage high demands for it on the exchanges by everyone, ranging from customers to traders.

DETTA Token Presale Details

DETTA Token Presale

The tokens Presale time, date and duration will be announced on our telegram group.

. Presale – 30% (150,000 DETTA)

. 20% (30,000 DETTA) Private Sale (1ETH = 300 DETTA) – Goal: 100ETH

. 80% (80,000 DETTA) Public Sale 1 & 2 (1ETH = 250 DETTA) – Goal: 480ETH

. Uniswap Listing: 1ETH = 180 DETTA

. Softcap: 300ETH

. Hardcap 580ETH

. IF the hardcap is reached 40% will be used to lock liquidity

. IF just softcap reached (25%) of the raise will be used to lock liquidity

. Unsold Token will be added to the staking rewards

Dettapay through @ferrum_network is offering VIP (Presalers) & GENERAL Staking Reward of 400% & 200% APY respectively.

This is Dettapay way of saying Thank you for your Trust & Support to all Contributors / early believers

Staking will be done through Ferrum’s UniFyre Wallet

Staking Details for VIP Contributors

. Staking pool will be limited to 50,000 DETTA

. Staking round will be for 31 days, with APY of 400%

Thanks in anticipation

  • Token Name DETTA
  • Token Symbol DETTA
  • Total Supply 500,000
  • Presale Token 150,000
  • Type ERC-20
  • Softcap 300ETH
  • Hardcap 580ETH
  • Contract Address 0x6F6bAEA96ca23F70DC6e37407C0b7262A8599f79

Token Distribution

30% Token Sales
10% Staking Reward
20% Team
10% Uniswap Liquidity
30% Marketing, Partnership e.t.c

Uniswap Listing

We will list DETTA on Uniswap within 48 hours after the presale is completed. Announcement will be made as to the exact time this will happen. Uniswap Liquidity (10%) will be locked for 1 (one) year. Team Token (20%) will be TimeLock at 10%/month for 10 months.

CEX and DEX Listing

We will make every effort to list on more exchanges. We want partners, sellers and contributors to have many options to consider when looking to exchange other currencies to DETTA or vice versa.


Road Map

The dates in our roadmap are estimates.

2020 Q1
  • Idea Conception
  • Team Formation
November 2020
Whitepaper Release / Staking Partnership
November/December 2020
December 2020
Applying & Listing on Coingecko / CoinMarketCAP / Staking Launch
December/January 2020
Uniswap Listing / CEX Exchange Listing
2021 Q1
Partnerships Announcement
2021 Q2
Dettamart Marketing
2021 Q3
More Exchange Listing / Dettamart Launch
2021 Q3
More Listing on Top Tier Exchange
2021 Q4
Mobile App Launch

Ayodeji Oladimeji

Marion Amigues
International Relations Manager


Ferrum Network

Frequently asked questions

We want DETTA to be scarce.

Our hard cap is 1294.28ETH

In case we do not reach the hard cap of 1294.28ETH, the unsold tokens will NOT be burnt, but will be added to the Staking Token.

Yes, the team’s tokens will be locked (TimeLock at 10%/month for 10 months) using Unicrypt or any other similar services.

The liquidity will remain in the Uniswap pool, as they will be locked using Unicrypt or any other similar services. Proof will be provided in due course.

Mainly because Uniswap is not the only exchange we are focusing on. We plan to list on several other exchanges.

As at now, Dettapay has team members from 3 different countries, mostly Europe.

For further questions about Token Sale, you can contact our team on telegram


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.